微软Surface Pro3发布 狂想消灭笔记本电脑:西甲下注网站


【西甲下注】To hear microsofts top brass tell it,their 101,914-person,$ 327 billion company is made up of fanciful dreamers with a mission to微软管理层意见分歧,享有101,914人,At a press event today to introduce The surface pro 3 table t,Chief executive satyanadella and surface computing heef今天的surface Microsoft首席执行官Satia Onadra和surface部门领导人Panos Opannee反复提及,可以利用微软新的移动设备构建“梦想”并获得“力量”。管理层回应称,新的Surface Pro比前一代第二代产品更轻、更时尚,计算速度更慢。需要让人们完成文字处理等业务工作,并“替换笔记本电脑”。

“The surface pro 3 may be microsofts latest attempt in fulfilling its own long-held dream 3360 to be a major player in a table t meeven before apple(AAPL)introduced the ipad in 2010,Pundits predicted That tablets would eventually replace the Laptop,just as微软多年来一直提供“平板电脑”,但即使在2010年苹果销售iPad之前,很多专家也预测平板电脑IPAD最终不会取代笔记本电脑。就像笔记本电脑极大地取代了台式机一样。对微软来说,这是一件麻烦事。



)one of the best ways for Microsoft to get its software on tablets would be to make its own . thus,surface。微软希望自己的软件经常出现在平板电脑上。最糟糕的方法之一是研究开发,所以Surface出现了。

To date,Surface hasnt been a success . Microsoft has lost more than $ 1.2 billion on its table t business so far,Prompting analysts to callet到目前为止,surface还不能一帆风顺。到目前为止,微软在平板电脑业务上已经亏损了最多12亿美元,分析人士称之为“资金无底洞”。据信息技术行业服务提供商IDC透露,2013年第四季度Surface销量同比增长一倍,但市场份额仍接近10%。

Today,amid the fluffy talk of dreams and empowerment,Microsoft showed it has at least listened to past criticisms of the Surface。现在The flimsy attachable keyboard made it hard to work on your lap?Microsoft added an extra magnetic attachment to make it more secure。轻巧的外部键盘使Surface很难放在膝盖上吗?嗯,微软现在减少了额外的磁扣,以便更加稳定地放置。


the upright kickstand angle made the table t hard to draw on?Microsoft made it fully flexible。(the crowd applauded at this feature)。)“kickstand”支架的垂直角度是否不方便同时使用Surface?现在人们可以灵活地调整台灯的角度了。(人们对这个功能赞不绝口。

)the keyboards trackpad performed badly?Microsoft reduced the friction on it。键盘的触摸板效果不好吗?微软减少了它的摩擦。the small 10.6-inch screen made it too small to get real work done?Microsoft expanded the surface screen to 12 inches,Without adding any weight . Microsoft also reduced the devices thickness from 10.6 millimets微软将新一代Surface屏幕减少到12英寸,但没有减少设备重量,将产品厚度从10.6毫米增加到9.1毫米,但可以使用其强度。

为了证明这一点,展示者把Surface扔在铺有毯子的地板上。And so on。panay walked the crowd through an hours worth of feature demonstrations,showing off the surfaces versatile click-pen,Automatic cloud还有很多其他功能。


panne花了一个小时向观众展示产品的特点,还包括Surface的多用途笔、自动云实时、并行计算功能。With the Surface Pro 3,Microsoft is saying that it is no longer scared of table ts killing laptops。(the market incentives are certainly helping)。)infact,It wants to fire the first shot,And panay closed the event by proudly declaring that the surface pro 3 will be the table t that will row(it goes on sale tomorrow www A $799价格标签。

)通过Surface Pro 3,微软回应说,仍然害怕平板电脑出局。市场的性刺激似乎起了作用。)本质上,微软自己想迈出出局的第一步,在发布会的最后,范妮骄傲地宣布。Surface Pro 3应该不是代替笔记本电脑的平板电脑。

(威廉莎士比亚、温斯顿、电脑名言) (该产品将于明天上市,价格为799美元。)his premise is flawed,of course . the laptop doesnt need replacing,at least not yet.today,the laptop remains a needthe table t is a nice-to-have product . analysts are even predicting a peak in table t sales-last quarter,unit sales of ipader笔记本电脑还不需要替换,至少现在是这样如今,笔记本电脑仍然属于“必需品”,平板电脑仍然是“更好、更未完成”的产品。分析师甚至预测平板电脑销量不会超过最高值——,但实际上,上个季度ipad销量经常下降。

but panay clearly wants the surface pro 3 to change that . in saying so,He inadvertently made the best argument against the dominance of table ts hii