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西甲下注网站_why is Facebook buying whatsapp for $ 19 billion?At this very moment,I am looking at a text file showing me 5,600 possible explanations . thats how many whatsapp messages were exchanged betweetweed为什么Facebook要抢190亿美元收购WhatsApp?此刻我正在看文本文档,也许它能解释原因。这是2012年地球三个月来我和一个朋友之间交换的5600条信息,平均约60条。

it was probably a time of above-average communication-and the messages were with a woman of above-average beauty and conversation So I had my read但是通过它,我们可以看到,在技术行业抢走用户注意力的战争中,即时通讯服务似乎已经成为焦点。通过这项服务,人们可以早上好,打个招呼,整整一个小时,畅所欲言。这些短信证明,我们的手机仍然是通讯工具,并且有多种用途,使沟通更容易。


(威廉莎士比亚,泰姆派斯特,手机名言)(I was living in Dubai when those 5,600 messages were exchanged,And one of WhatsApp s most nost)。我在欧洲、中东和澳大利亚生产的电话簿上的联系方式都喜欢使用WhatsApp,美国本土的比例要低得多。At its core,whatsapp is just a nicely-done messaging app that lets you send text,pictures and video to your friends anywhere,Freeunlike the text messaging services offered by mobile network operators,it doesnt charge you anything for sending the messages,And it works而且,与移动网络运营商的短信服务不同,信息完全免费。(阿尔伯特爱因斯坦,知识)此外,它是一种新型的移动软件,而不是大部分手机上的那种旧短信。


The problems whatsapp solves could,in part,Also explain why it less of a big deal at home in the u . s . most monthly mobile plans here inclumeWhatsApp的这些优点可以部分解释为什么在美国本土那么不受欢迎。

(威廉莎士比亚、WHATSAPP、WHATSAPP、WHATSAPP、WHATSAPP) But ultimately,the appeal of mobile messaging software is the same as the但是最终,移动文字软件的魅力只是“移动设备”本身的魅力,不管朋友们是使用WhatsApp、iMessage、黑莓(BlackBerry)的Messenger,只要他们在线,就好像给他们开了一个可以自由说话的聊天室。And once its open,the marginal cost of sending one more message,or sharing one more picture,is so close to zero that before you know it例如,Youve sent a few thousand of them,in a few months,to a beautiful women a couple of thousand miles away,在几个月内与数千公里外的美女朋友交换了数千条信息,但当时没有意识到放了那么多(威廉莎士比亚、哈姆雷特、美丽名言)The centrality of instant messaging to our mobile lives can be seen in how The giants of The industry have approached it . applives从技术巨头蜂拥而至的态度可以看出,即时消息在移动生活中的重要性。

苹果的iOS、谷歌的Android操作系统正在制作短信应用程序,以避免手机短信服务和基于互联网的即时消息之间的差异,使用户能够更多地连接到自己的短信平台。(威廉莎士比亚、温斯顿、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌)黑莓依然是“得意之作”黑莓手机Facebook added instant messaging to its insta gram photo sharing service,tried without success to buy messaging service snapchat,And hasIs the valuation worth it?I have no idea,but I do know this 3360 last week,after a years of constant usage And tens of thousands of messages,Whatsapp told me my free我毫不犹豫地付了一美元,我不敢开玩笑。WhatsApp的4.5亿活跃用户承认大部分和我的想法一样。|西甲下注网站。