”the peoples bank of China has been guiding the currency towards a higher valuation since the ren minbi hit a 28-month low at the end of February.the depreciation earlier in the year made intuitive sense : as the economy slows down and its exports are hurt by the surging us dollar(which tth今年年初,随着中国经济的上升,受美元汇率上升的影响,出口在北京实行严格的政策,人民币升值,This was certainly the line of thinking common among analysts . as noted in the ft last week,A recent survey by soci.正如英国《金融时报》上周所认为的那样,法国兴业银行(SOCIST . GT . N . Rale)最近的一项调查没有指出未来12个月人民币兑美元汇率将下滑,42%的受访者指出,中国央行将“有力地升值”,以应对日元和欧元汇率暴跌。Instead,the currency is up 0.49 percent today,following a 0.32 percent climb yesterday and a 0.2 percent move up on Tuesday。

For many cuu For the tightly-controlled ren minbi,they are huge (se chart)。人民币兑美元汇率今天下跌0.49%,周三和周二分别下跌0.32%和0.2%。对于很多货币,这些波动很小。

但是,对于受到严厉限制的人民币来说,这是一个巨大的波动(右)。Mr ti hanyi said todays move simply shows the PBOC reacting to overnight gains in other currencies . the us dollar index slumped more than 2 percent Inst与其他一揽子货币指数相比,美元前一天晚上暴跌了2%以上,因此中国央行也采取了适当的措施。
Its very much about the dollar,its all driven by the Fed,he said。


他回答说:“这与美元有很大关系,由联邦储备委员会推进。”并表示:“这是由But more broadly,Beijing is still clamping down on speculative bets about the currency s direction。”但是,泰汉更普遍地说,中国仍在押注,中国央行的主要目标是提高外汇市场的灵活性,使人民币汇率南北正常化。

Last year,the PBOC deliberately pushed the ren minbi lower in an engineered squeeze to spook those who had made one-way bets on the currency Mr ti hi泰汉回答说,去年中国央行无意降低人民币汇率,抓住单方面走在人民币贬值上的投机者。今年中国央行加大干预力度,但近几周市场同意预测人民币升值时,中国决策者再次忽视人民币汇率。【西甲下注网站】。